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KWO advocates for social change within our community, among Karen leaders, and within the Burmese government. We also work to build stronger networks among Karen women, ethnic women and community-based organizations in Karen state and further across Burma. We advocate for ethnic mother-tongue education, environmental protection, indigenous rights, inclusive and just peace processes, and justice and accountability for human rights violations. We conduct International advocacy with the aim that the international community can provide aid to refugees, IDPs, and cross border. We also advocate to hold perpetrators to account, and encourage targeted sanctions against the Burma Army. We work with different groups on issues that align with our values and goals. For example, we support the KESAN and KRN Campaigns and joint activities during International Rivers Day and Indigenous Peoples Day events. We will also conduct trips to visit our resettled communities abroad and in this way gain and nurture the wider support of the Karen diaspora.

Community advocacy:

At community levels KWO advocates for recognition of KWO’s work and women leaders, the value of women’s participation and their contributions to the community, for community ownership and for the promotion of KWO’s values with all local governance bodies and visitors.


We document human rights violations and acts of violence against women perpetrated by the State and by community members. These are reports we receive directly from Karen State. We will continue to record the history of Karen women leaders with the aim of publishing books for community education. 

Please see our current published Reports by clicking here.


We publish a KWO magazine for our members, aiming for three issues a year so that we can share information, promote literacy, and empower Karen women and the wider community, especially in remote areas, by being better informed about current issues.  

Please see the KWO Magazine by clicking here.

Organizing Trips:

Women leaders at all levels of KWO conduct regular trips for community mobilizing. Orgainsing Trips are essential for KWO’s leadership to remain connected to the community and for our community to have direct access to leadership and thereby to influence plans and decisions. We share information about KWO activities, the current political situation in Burma and particularly what is going on in other areas of Karen State. We gather community views, ideas and suggestions, and encourage people to mobilize for active participation in the community.

Special Events:

Special Events are valuable opportunities to inspire, share information, and raise awareness among large numbers of people in our community and in other places through media coverage. Special Events can create awareness on the important issues that have effect on community’s lives and at the same time raise the voice of the communities to the authorities or to government, demonstrate concerns, demand policy and behavior change, hold the authorities accountable, commit to promises made, as well as celebrating successes and diversity. We usually organize large Special Events in rotating sites throughout the refugee camps and Karen State. We hold large events including for the 16 days of Activism campaign. Many local KWO branches will also organize smaller versions of these events to recognize these important days and take the opportunity for advocacy which they offer. Morden by Automatic theme, customised by KWO, copyright 2019

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