KWO Team Creates  A Kid Friendly Environment in Displaced Villages

As we reported earlier a KWO team went to distribute the emergency supplies to recently displaced Karen families in two Karen Villages. Our team also bought some refreshment for children  to help make  them happier in this difficult situation.  These are pictures from the visit.


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Baby Kits and Women’s Health Project TOT Training(2015)

KWO successfully conducted “Baby kits and women’s health” TOT training in January 2015 inside Karen State. The training lasted about two weeks started from 20th to 30th January. The participants came from the 7 districts, Ei Htu Hta IDP Camp and few central level Baby kits and women’s health project staff members. There were 25 participants and 3 trainers for this training. The training focused on project management and women health. All of the training participants is going to conduct follow up training in their represented areas.

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KWO 2011 – 2012 Two Year Update

KWO is pleased to provide our 2011/12-update report including programs currently running in the community, challenges and successes, financial reports, KWO special activities and a Call to Action. One thing that remains true throughout KWO’s 28 years of service is our commitment to the Empowerment, Equality, and Freedom of all Karen women. Thank you to KWO staff, leaders, members, volunteers, community members, partner organizations and funders who help make KWO successful!

KWO 2011-2012 Two Year Update

Baby Kit Monitoring trip to Doo Tha Htu, Taw Oo, Kler Lwee Htu and Doo Pla Ya Districts

In March and April, 2013 KWO were able to conduct Baby Kits Project Monitoring trip to four of the districts inside Karen state of Burma. Please kindly see some pictures that were taken during the trip at different district. We were very surprised to see many men accompanied their wives. And in some cases they helped their wives answered the question by explaining how the kits benefit for their family. please see the slide show below;

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Baby Kit Monitoring Trip: Reflections from the field

KWO Staff:

“I feel fulfilled and happy when I give Baby Kits to mothers and newborns in the village. I get to see the joy the kits bring to the women and their families. So many women like the Baby Kits that they ask us for more Kits.”

— KWO Baby Kit Project Staff

Baby Kit Recipients:

“My husband travels very far from our village to look for a job and I have no one at home to support me and my three children. I do not have enough money to buy the things that are in the Baby Kits that I get from KWO. I feel very happy and not stressed when I get the Kit. KWO also gives me encouragement and support to help me feel more stronger and confident.”

— Baby Kit Recipient

“I am not in good health and it is very difficult for me to support my family. When I got the Baby Kit I felt much joy because I was able to provide for my family and keep my baby healthy.”

— Baby Kit Recipient

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“When I got the Baby Kit I was able to keep my baby healthy. Before I was not able to wash my baby with soap and now I keep my baby clean with soap and keep my baby healthy.”

— Baby Kit Recipient

“I appreciate the care and dedication KWO shows to my community. I like knowing that KWO is there to support us and help us.”

— Baby Kit Recipient

Baby Kits

Do the Kits help?

Naw Noe Noe, mother of three daughters and 2 two sons said:

“After I delivered my baby, I got a Baby Kit and it was invaluable for me and my child.  The Baby Kit fulfilled my needs and really helped my family.  In the past I never saw this kind of Kit. It contained many items and even included candles. I was so delighted and I even cried when I saw the Kits because I was so happy.  I would like to thank everyone for providing us with a Baby Kit and hope that this process will continue in the future.”

Naw Hsa Wah, mother of three daughters and three sons said:

“I was given a Baby Kit after delivering my child.  I was very pleased because the kit was very valuable to me. In the past I never cleaned my babies with soap after they were born. I cleaned them with leaves that I found in the forest that had foam which I used as soap. This is my first time I have been able to clean my baby with soap. I can see my baby is healthy. I really appreciate receiving the Kit and I would like to thank everyone for their kind support and I hope the project will continue in the future to help other mothers and babies too.”

Baby Kits

Goal: To improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and newborn babies in Karen State KWO has supplied new mothers and babies with baby kits that comprise basic material needs for the mother and child within the first few months after birth. KWO also provides them with information on family and reproductive health issues.

In IDP areas: The Baby Kit project started being implemented in Karen State in June 2009. It is now in 6 districts: Mu Traw, Kler Lwee Htu, Du Ther Tu, Pa’an, Du Pla Ya and Tavoy.  In IDP areas, the Baby Kits contain: 3 cotton nappies, 2 long bars of laundry soap,1 sarong, 2 bars of body soap, a health message pamphlet. For IDP areas, the district KWO staff source the materials and organise the kits themselves from local suppliers.

In Ei Tu Hta camp:  The Baby Kit Project restarted in November 2010 after a period of suspension. The Baby Kits contain: 6 nappies, 5 kilos of laundry powder, 2 sets of baby clothes,1 sarong,4 bars of baby body soap, 5 bars of body soap for mothers, nail clippers, 12 packs of candles, a health message pamphlet.

KWO Organizing Trip into Pa ‘an District in Karen State

KWO staff and leaders often have to walk long distances to get to villages and townships within Karen State.  The weeks of walking are our only way to talk directly to the Karen living there about important issues in our community.

KWO Health Program Coordinator distributes materials and informationHealth Program Coordinator conducts information session