KWO 2011 – 2012 Two Year Update

KWO is pleased to provide our 2011/12-update report including programs currently running in the community, challenges and successes, financial reports, KWO special activities and a Call to Action. One thing that remains true throughout KWO’s 28 years of service is our commitment to the Empowerment, Equality, and Freedom of all Karen women. Thank you to KWO staff, leaders, members, volunteers, community members, partner organizations and funders who help make KWO successful!

KWO 2011-2012 Two Year Update



The Elderly Care Project was established in Ei Tu Hta (IDP) camp in April 2007. This project has grown from supporting an initial 26 elderly people in the camp, to over 170 today.

In other camps, KWO staff and members continue to offer moral support and encouragement to the elderly. Funded Elderly Care Projects are run in those camps by other NGOs.

Bi-monthly gatherings and care package distribution:

KWO provided nutritional food and hygiene packs for elderly people over the age of 70 years who do not have relatives or whose families cannot afford to provide for their basic needs. Packages included food (milk, sugar, biscuits, Milo) and hygiene products (soap, laundry powder).

The packs were distributed every two months at gatherings organised by KWO. Each event is attended by between 70 and 80 elderly people. Those who cannot attend (because they are unable to move far from home) have packs brought to them by family members or KWO staff in the camp.

The gatherings are also an opportunity for group discussion and sharing.