16 Days of Activism

During the Stopping Violence Against Women Day event in Mae Sariang attendees discussed the White Ribbon meaning and the story of the Unforgettable Butterflies. The Mirabel sisters, three women from the Dominican Republic who were assassinated for their political activism in the 1960s are known as the “Unforgettable Butterflies.”  They became a symbol of theContinue reading “16 Days of Activism”

Stop Violence Against Women’s Day at KWO Mae Sariang Office

Events were held, during the 16 Days of Activism, in all 7 Karen Refugee Camps. KWO organized this activity in some cases alone and in other in cooperation with other NGO’s, CBO’s, or Camp Committees. We have complete reports from 4 of those events held in Mae Ra Moo, Umphiem, Ei Tu Tah, and BangContinue reading “Stop Violence Against Women’s Day at KWO Mae Sariang Office”

Stop Violence Against Women Day Skit at Ei Tu Ta Refugee Camp

Violence Against Women Day Skit at Ei Tu Ta Refugee Camp

KWO had activities on Violence Against Women Day in refugee camps. During the events KWO presented information about violence against women along with having young people within our community perform skits to educate themselves and others.

Safe Houses

KWO seeks to provide a safe shelter and support services within the Karen refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border for needy and vulnerable women and children, especially survivors of sexual or gender based violence (SGBV). In 2009 – 2010, KWO operated 11 safe houses in 7 camps. KWO safe houses provide a temporary place ofContinue reading “Safe Houses”


KWO provides direct assistance to community members and works towards solving social problems in the community. As refugees and IDPs, the population continues to face difficult social problems that exist in many communities such as sexual and gender based violence, unemployment, extreme poverty, caring for the elderly, the disabled, separated children, families in trouble, supportContinue reading “SOCIAL WELFARE PROGRAM”

Counseling Training at the KWO Office

Women from 5 camps are here at the KWO office being trained for 5 days on counseling. They want to get better at counseling women who have been victims of gender based violence in the camps. The energy and commitment of these women fills the room. They say there are two great parts of theContinue reading “Counseling Training at the KWO Office”