Dormitories and Unaccompanied Children

The ongoing conflict in Burma has restricted the healthy development of the education system and left many children orphaned, or with only one parent. Many families are forced to send their children away from home to find safety and continue their studies uninterrupted. KWO operates dormitories in 5 of the refugee camps and in 2 IDP areas, to provide a safe and caring environment for separated children coming from Karen State for educational purposes. This project has been run since 1999.

KWO runs 15 dormitories in Htee Pa Doh Hta, Kwee Lay, Ei Htu Hta, Khen Pa, Day Bu Noh, Toe Thay Der, Daw Ku Hta, P’ Na Aye P’ Ko, Oo Hu Hta, Thay Baw Boe, Kyaw Hta, Hta Lor, Maw Taw Lu and Si Poe Kee inside Karen State and 1 dormitory in Mae La Refugee Camp on the Thai/Burma border.

For each of the children and youth in the dormitories, KWO provides emotional and material support, housing, clothing and extra food, as well as assistance with study needs. KWO provides students with hygiene packages, warm clothes, bed mats, blankets, mosquito nets, and supplementary fresh fruit, vegetables and meat to add to the basic camp rations diet. Each KWO dormitory has at least one full-time adult carer.

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