KWO periodically issues reports focused on the situation of women in Burma subject to abuse by the Burmese military.

  The most recent report was issued in 2010, Walking Amongst Sharp KnivesIt focuses on the increasing number of female village chiefs.

The practice of the Burmese Army to execute village heads has led to traditional Karen culture being turned upside-down, with women now being appointed village chiefs as they are seen as less likely to be killed. However, this change has put women in the frontline of human rights abuses. These abuses constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes.  The report can be downloaded through the link above.

In 2007 KWO issued the report, State of Terror  on the ongoing rape, murder, torture and forced labour suffered by women living under the Burmese Military Regime in Karen State. “Tell us the truth otherwise we will cut open your stomach with this knife and take out your baby and all of your insides.” (Case 111). This report State of Terror clearly documents the range of human rights abuses that continue to be perpetrated across Karen State as part of the SPDC’s sustained campaign of terror. The report focuses in particular on the abuses experienced by women and girls and draws on over 40001 documented cases of human rights abuses perpetrated by the SPDC. These case studies provide shocking evidence of the entrenched and widespread abuses perpetrated against the civilian population of Karen State by the Burmese Military Regime.

Released in 2004, “Shattering Silences” please click here to download the full report.  KWO Shattering Silences Report 2004