Organizing Trips to Refugee camps and Inside Karen State

In order to maintain channels of communication between KWO managers, offices, refugee camps and members inside Karen State, and to facilitate community mobilising we conduct “organizing trips”. In the refugee camps the KWO Executive Committee members, and central office staff travelled and met with KWO members and staff at all camp levels. They monitored KWOContinue reading “Organizing Trips to Refugee camps and Inside Karen State”

Organizing and Information Sharing

As part of its community organizing function, KWO has a role to mobilize and empower the Karen community from within. Thus, KWO runs activities in order to develop the capacity particularly of women and girls: to participate in decision-making processes, to work in the community, to participate in KWO as a women’s organisation, and toContinue reading “Organizing and Information Sharing”

Special Education

The Special Education Project has 4 main components –  Early Intervention with young children with disability (home visits and learning centre), Inclusive Education (up to Standard 2 in mainstream schools, SE centres and home visits), School for students with hearing impairments  School for students with visual impairments. All of the children in the SE projectContinue reading “Special Education”

KWO representative Naw Htoo Paw speaks at the UN Commission on Women

Naw Htoo Paw represented KWO at the 55th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2011, speaking on the situation for women in Burmese conflict areas. She used the KWO documentation and reports from women struggling with abuse by the Burmese military.