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Organizing Trips to Refugee camps and Inside Karen State

October 25th, 2011  •  Category: Organising & Information Sharing Program

In order to maintain channels of communication between KWO managers, offices, refugee camps and members inside Karen State, and to facilitate community mobilising we conduct “organizing trips”.

In the refugee camps the KWO Executive Committee members, and central office staff travelled and met with KWO members and staff at all camp levels. They monitored KWO projects, advised on KWO work, and exchanged information with a wide range of women and community leaders.

Within the Karen State, unfortunately not every district could be reached by KWO’s EC members, because  travel is reliant on the security situation being stable on the way and at the destination and due to Burmese Army attacks, it has not always been safe enough for civilians to move around in these areas. Additionally, KWO has lacked the funds to conduct these trips to some areas, even when security situation might have allowed it.

Nonetheless, in 2009-2010, KWO was able to conduct 7 Organising Trips to areas in Karen State. Between 3 and 7 senior members participated in each trip, talking to countless local KWO staff, KWO members, community leaders and local villagers about KWO activities and the situation in the area. They conducted training sessions and workshops on KWO’s constitution, organizational structure and activities, and on leadership, public speaking and documentation.