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Support Us and Support Change. When you donate to KWO, you provide help directly to women, to children and to the most vulnerable members of the community. Funds donated to KWO are used for Humanitarian Assistance in Karen State, and for protection activities with women and children. Please donate here.

Volunteer with KWO

If you are interested in volunteering with KWO and have relevant expertise, please send us an email with your CV. We accept both self-funded volunteers and those sponsored by an organisation or University, for a minimum of three months.

Stand in solidarity with KWO

  • Advocate to your national or local Government.
  • Raise funds and donate to KWO.
  • Be well informed about what is happening in Burma and along the Thai-Burma border.
  • Lobby for the release of political prisoners in Burma.
  • Become an advocate for refugees in your community.
  • Above all, respect and empower women.