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Education Program

KWO’s Education Program provides services, advocacy and capacity building to promote education in our community. We provide schooling where there are gaps in existing education mainstream services in the refugee camps, and in areas in Karen State. We particularly target girls in the community to ensure they have equal access to education, protection, development and care. We also place a significant emphasis on education that promotes and preserves Karen indigenous culture.

Our Education Program Co-ordinators are all Karen women and are part of the community. Every day they work to promote education, to identify children struggling at schools or at home and provide support to the family, and assist with school fees when possible. They monitor and support KWO’s funded education projects in their areas, visit all community schools and give encouragement to students and teachers. They conduct home visits and encourage parents to send children to school, and assist the poorest of the poor children to get into schools. They attend events organized by schools to share positive messages about the benefits of education for all. They meet with education leaders at all levels and advocate for inclusive education, improved child protection mechanisms, and the importance of girls education. We currently implement 7 funded education projects under this program.

Projects under the Education Program

Sponsor a Teacher

for $1 a day

Every child is entitled to an education and to live as full a life as possible.

There were no services for children with special needs in our homeland, nor in the refugee camps. Children with disability were kept at home, often sitting in a dark corner, and their parents had no support. So we organized ourselves and built a project. We trained refugee women as Special Education teachers to work with our disabled children and to support their parents. We raised money. And we have changed lives. We need your help to continue this vital program.

Will you sponsor a Special Education teacher?

Our Special Education Teachers provide programs for education and personal well¬being through home visits to children and their parents, daily small group classes and play sessions in the Special Education Centres, classroom support for children able to go to a mainstream Nursery or Primary School, nutrition and hygiene material assistance and instruction, as well as raising awareness in the community. Our teachers don't earn much, just a dollar a day, but it allows them to survive and to keep doing their important work.

International donors continue to cut refugee food and shelter rations, and have drastically reduced services in health and education.

Our Special Education Project has secured funding to cover our basic overheads, but we still need help to do the real work every day with children and their families.

Sponsoring a Teacher is easy!

STEP ONE: Pay for your Sponsorship. The easiest way is to use the Donate Button on our website.

STEP TWO: Send an email to the KWO Central Office in Thailand ([email protected]). We will reply to confirm your sponsorship.

How to pay for Sponsorship

FREQUENCY: Pay US$30 per month OR one payment of $US360 for the year. That's just $1 per day to support this vital program.

METHOD: Use Bank transfer, Credit/Debit card, PayPal or Venmo via on KWO's website. Just click on the “Donate” button.

Alternatively, you can make an international transfer from your bank account to the KWO bank account in Thailand. Ask us for details.

Please tell your family and friends about us.