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KWO Adult Literacy Program

November 23rd, 2011  •  Category: Education Program

KWO initially provided Literacy classes for beginners and Non-formal education classes for the newly literate in 5 refugee camps in Thailand and in Ei Tu Hta IDP camp in Karen State. In recent years, demand for these classes was decreasing. The reasons were not very clear but we received reports from community members that participants had no income and wanted jobs; were resettled; were not interested in learning; had family or health problems; or were busy looking after children. Due to these dwindling numbers, in 2010, KWO stopped providing Literacy classes in 4 of the camps and stopped the Non-formal Education program altogether. The Literacy program is continuing in Umphiem and Noh Poe camps where the interest in the program is still strong. In those camps, men and women from non-Karen ethnic groups have also joined the literacy classes to learn the Karen language so that they can speak with and find jobs with Karen people in the camp.

Literacy Day Celebration in Mae Ra Moe Camp