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Special Education and Community Awareness

November 23rd, 2011  •  Category: Education Program

KWO is always seeking  to raise the awareness of parents and the community on issues surrounding disability and children.  We have published a number of booklets covering the causes of disability, possible prevention some of the causes of disability (e.g. adequate nutrition), and how to support a person with disabilities

KWO runs community education workshops to raise awareness about disabilities once a month in every camp. Each session runs for half a day, and was facilitated by the Special Education trainers, the school director, or guest trainers from other organisations in the camp. The sessions cover issues such as child rights, supporting children with disabilities, inclusive education, nutrition and hygiene. They are attended by parents of disabled children, neighbours, carers, other parents, mainstream school teachers and community leaders. A total of 1,875 participants took part in 2009, and 2,938 in 2010.

In the community and among parents many believe that having a child with a disability is caused by past sins of the parents, or misbehaviour in a past life, and it is a punishment. So the families are looked down on. And they themselves feel inferior. Now they learn that disability is caused by illness or malnutrition and not from parents’ behaviour. Parents feel better, and the community members understand their mistaken belief.” (Special Education Committee Member)