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Adolescent Reproductive Health Network

November 25th, 2011  •  Category: Health Program

Goal: To promote better understanding of sexual and reproductive health and rights among adolescents in IDP areas in Burma and in refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border, and create opportunities for adolescents in migrant communities in Thailand to access information.

About the project:  Since its inception in 2003, KWO has been involved with a network called the Adolescent Reproductive Health Network (AHRN) of nine interested organizations, which teaches young people about sexual and reproductive health. Alongside KWO, the network is made up of Mae Tao Clinic, Social Action for Women, Palaung Women’s Organization, Karen Youth Organization, Burmese Women’s Union, Burma Medical Association, United Lahu Youth Organization, Tavoy Women’s Organization and Backpack Health Worker Team.

Youth Centre: AHRN continues to operate its youth centre in Mae Sot that was set up in 2008. This centre provides a safe and open environment for young people from migrant communities to gather for social and educational activities, to access reproductive health information, contraception, counselling services, family planning supplies and referrals. The youth centre also has a library, badminton set, tennis table, cane ball and a guitar for migrant communities to access. A television is available for watching educational DVDs that are accessible from the centre. Staff are rostered to sit in the youth centre, so that someone is constantly available for talking to the youth if they need.