Violence Against Women Day 2011

Events were held, during the 16 Days of Activism, in all 7 Karen Refugee Camps. KWO organized this activity in some cases alone and in other in cooperation with other NGO’s, CBO’s, or Camp Committees. We have complete reports from 4 of those events held in Mae Ra Moo, Umphiem, Ei Tu Tah, and Bang Doh Yang Camps. We also held an event at the KWO Resource Center in Mae Sariang. All the activities were held during the 16 days between the International Stop Violence Against Women’s Day and International Human Rights Day in December. We distributed information in writing to people and showed a video about gender based violence called  “Bringing Justice to Women of Burma”  produced by the Women’s League of Burma. We also held a quiz where small prizes were distributed to the winners. These activities were funded by the Women’s League of Burma. There were 2152 participants, men and women, across the camps.