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Capacity Building – Learning To Make Us Stronger

January 11th, 2012  •  Category: Organising & Information Sharing Program


Goal: To support and strengthen KWO s capac ity to provide essential services to the Karen refugee and village communities.

About the project: In order to ensure the effective operation of KWO s work in the refugee camps, KWO organizes capacity building training for KWO staff and members. These activities have been run regularly for ten years.

In 2009, KWO renewed its efforts to increase the skills and knowledge of KWO staff, members and position holders at all levels of the organisation. Since 2005 in the refugee camps, there has been a high turnover in KWO due to families departing for resettlement and many of the remaining women in camps who were subsequently elected into KWO positions of responsibility, have less management experience and had received less training. In response to this the Capacity Building Project has redoubled efforts to provide appropriate and regular skills and knowledge training. We have developed and use 12 training modules which are run for KWO staff in the refugee camps and town offices. All the modules contribute to staff and members being able to make better decisions and work more effectively, enhancing the quality of their support to thousands of people.  The topics covered include: leadership, accounting, KWO constitution, roles and responsibilities of position holders within KWO, KWO community work, public speaking,information sharing, child rights and child protection issues, human rights and gender, office management, refugee rights and return, sex and gender based violence, women’s protection, basic law and social services, documentation and writing, etc