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$25 will help feed a Karen child at our Nursery Schools for a full year

April 26th, 2012  •  Category: Education Program


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The children in our Nursery Schools in Karen State in Burma need your help.  We know that education is important for people all over the world, especially education of young children. Despite the long standing abuse by the Burmese military Karen communities across Karen State join together to build and support nursery schools for their children.   They gather building materials, construct the school, bring fire wood and other things they can find to help.  There is a community committee of volunteers who run the school. These schools work amid fighting and commonly must relocate to avoid the fighting.

KWO, Karen Women Organisation, has always tried to support the schools with money we raise through grants. Through the generosity of the Dave and Kerry Rickards we have been able to support many children and schools. We pay small stipends for each teacher, about $17 US dollars a month.  We provide training to the teachers, school supplies, basic hygiene supplies for the children.

Unfortunately, KWO  has not been able to raise enough money to supply lunch food to the students. The 3000 students enrolled in these community schools do not always get enough food at home.  For just $25 we can provide an entire school year of supplemental lunch food to one student.  This will let them get the nutrition they need since many families have been separated from their land by the war. The Karen community has been disrupted and abused by years under the dictatorship in Burma.  We hope by supporting these students we are building our future, but we need your help.

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