28th Anniversary of KWO Day

On 5 April 2013 KWO celebrated the 28th anniversary of KWO Day. KWO Day took place in four areas of Karen State, Kler Day Trae in Lu Plae Township Pa’An district, Pyae Kah village Taw Oo District, Dooplaya district and Ei Tu Tah refugee camp. KWO Day was also celebrated in an urban area in Thailand and also in refugee camps in Thailand, Mae Ra Moe, Mae La Oo, Umphiem, and Mae La. KWO Central worked together with the Karen people, and Karen leaders at the camp and district levels. KNU leaders, CBO’s, and villagers came together and celebrated KWO Day. During the ceremony, there were several speeches from KNU leaders, CBO leaders, and Karen leaders from the Karen district.

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In some areas, there were activities and competitions. Activities like singing, painting pictures and questionnaires. Competition activities included writing poetry, stories, and performing. The total number of people who participated and attended KWO Day was around 1,500.

KWO Day honored Karen women who devote themselves to their work in the community and serving the people of their community. KWO Central held a special ceremony honoring longstanding female leader Padoh Naw Myaing Poe. She was recently elected as KNU Judge I, she is the first female judge in KNU history.  KWO honored Padoh Naw Myaing Poe’s commitment to the struggle for the rights of women and children.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 28th KWO Day, and for your support to the empowerment, equality, and freedom of all women!

Published by Karen Women Organisation

The Karen Women Organisation was formed in 1949 and has a membership of over 64,100 women. KWO is a community-based organisation of Karen women working in development and relief in the refugee camps on the Thai border and with IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) and women inside Burma. Since our formation in 1949 we have expanded our focus from one of purely social welfare to try to encourage an awareness of Women's Rights and to promote women’s participation in the community decision making and political processes. The objectives of the KWO  To assist women in the endeavour to be free from all forms of oppression.  To promote and empower women in all spheres of life, including education and general living standards.  To encourage women to participate in the struggle for freedom, democracy and equality.  To develop women's knowledge, ability and skills, including political and organizational skills.  To achieve the rights of women and equal status with men.  To promote and maintain Karen culture and traditions.  To improve the well-being of women and children and to increase their access to adequate health, education and welfare services. KWO aims to empower women through offering various capacity building trainings to teach skills, build confidence and create new opportunities so that women will be better able to solve problems. We are working hard to educate ourselves and our communities so that we can work more effectively and advocate for our struggle on the international stage. We believe that women’s contribution is an essential factor in the peace-building and national reconciliation processes of Burma.

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