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Karen Women’s Organization held a Special Education Project, Training of Trainers from January, 12, 2015 to Feb, 11, 2015.

March 3rd, 2015  •  Category: Organising & Information Sharing Program

The Karen Women’s  Organization  held a Special Education Project, Training of Trainers from January, 12, 2015 to Feb, 11, 2015. Teachers, school directors and trainers from 7 camps attended. We also invited nursery school staff from Karen State for the 3rd week and 4th week, because some of the training topics related to any nursery school so were helpful to them.

The topics for the training were classroom management, teaching the blind, teaching the deaf, the Montessori Method and resource making, Montessori observation lesson plans and record keeping, financial management for SE, project review and evaluation, and new vocational skills (shampoo and soap making).

Guests from Khom Loy Development Foundation conducted the Montessori training topics.. The lessons provided by  guests were creative child development, teaching techniques, how to use materials.  and resource making.  Additionally, teachers learned   to order their lessons to build skills, to be a gentle teacher and a good example for  children. Teachers always have to be careful in their own behavior because most of the children look up to and depend on them.  This training can be useful for themselves, students and other people. During the training we also talked about what we can improve in the future

We observed that they were excited in their presentations and practical tasks. Each participant shared their school resource material including activities, songs and games. During training they had some suggestions and comments for teachers in different camps. It was good to see them sharing learning and ideas with each other. This became a major part of the Training of Trainers. The discussions were very active and they spent time comparing their practice and making suggestions. They were active and enthusiastic in each training session.