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International Day of Action for Rivers and Against Dams 14th March, 2015

March 15th, 2015  •  Category: News

On 14th March, 2015 KWO joined the event campaign of ” Salween, Not for Sale!” And “No Dam” Which was organised by Karen Rivers Watch(KRW) on the International Day of Actoin for Rivers and Against Dams. There were more than 500 people from the local areas and others Karen community based Organisations such as KSNG,KESAN, FTUK, KHRG and other Karen Local community leaders actively participated. The event successfully done and we are looking forward to see more accountability and transparency from those companies and other stakeholders who are trying to built Dams on Salween River. We stand with all local people and support their call for “No Dam!”

Stop Damming Salween River and all Rivers, Now!!!