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KWO Address on Karen National Day

February 11th, 2020  •  Category: News

KWO Chairperson has addressed a formal letter to all Karen people around the world on the 72nd anniversary of Karen National Day.

On this day, in 1948, four hundred thousand Karen people demonstrated on 11 February demanding freedom for our homeland with four demand:
1. Give the Karen State at once (Self determination )
2.Show Burman one kyat and Karen one kyat. (Equality, Democracy)
3. We do not want communal strife. (Life and Nurture understanding)
4. We do not want civil war.(Peace)

It has been 72-years and yet we have not achieved our goal. We must continue to learn from our past experiences and continue working together. Victory belongs to those who persevere.

Read the speech here:

Karen National Day