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The Karen Women’s Organization Supports Villagers Protesting Burma Army Abuses

July 22nd, 2020  •  Category: News

The Karen Women’s Organization strongly supports the demands of villagers from Dweh Lo township, Mutraw district, who are calling for the withdrawal of four Burma Army camps near their villages. We stand firmly with the 1,524 individuals who are protesting against the Burma Army for killing innocent civilians. Last week, Naw Mu Naw was shot several times and then robbed of her gold jewelry. This is not the first time a villager was killed and robbed. This type of behavior from the Burma Army must stop.

The villagers are protesting against the following Burma Army battalions: LIB 338 and LIB 405, 408, 409, 410, under MOC 8 that is responsible for killing villagers by firing artillery into their areas. They are demanding that the four Burma Army camps of Waw Mu, Khoo Thwee Hta, Kay kow, Mae Way must immediately withdraw and leave their camps.

Please read the full Statement in English Here

Trigger Warning: Some of these photos might be upsetting for some users.