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KWO In Solidarity With Protesting Villagers Calling for Retreat of Burma Army Soldiers

July 28th, 2020  •  Category: News

The Karen Women’s Organization stands in solidarity with 4650 villagers who started marching at 7AM this morning from Taung Thone Lone Burma Army Post to Ka Ma Maung, Papun, demanding the immediate retreat and withdraw all Burma Army battalions from their villages. They’ll be marching today until 2PM. The act of resilience and defiance from these villagers protesting shows the extent of their frustration with the Burma Army, who continue to evade accountability. Their demands must be met immediately and those responsible for committing war crimes should no longer be protected by military impunity.

On 16 July, the latest civilian casualty in Karen state was Naw Mu Naw, a mother of three who was killed at point blank range and robbed of her jewellery by two Burma Army soldiers in her village. Watch the video of the protests here and here.