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Urgent Call for Support for Flood Victims

August 24th, 2020  •  Category: News

KWO is urgently calling for support for those impacted by recent flooding in Ei Htu Hta camp.

As of 24 August 2020, water levels in the Salween River continue to rise. As a result, recent flooding along the river banks has damaged homes in nearby villages and Ei Hta Hta IDP camp. The flooding has not stopped, and our community is worried that it will get worse and put more people in danger.

So far, the floods have completely destroyed 19 houses, with an additional 40 at risk of further water damage. Residents are relying on family members for support or sharing their homes with them. Rice storage buildings and other public buildings such as the camp office, the public meeting hall, the KWO office, camp health clinics are now underwater and cannot provide services properly. Schools have been closed to mitigate the dangers or risks for the children.

The short-term needs for those affected are dry food, clean water for drinking and cooking and plastic covers to make temporary shelters. In the longer term, houses that were destroyed by the flood will need support rebuilding and other basic household materials.

Donate to support local livelihoods and the emergency relief and response to the flooding through KWO’s Paypal account: http://ow.ly/l8KJ50B73ay or write to [email protected].