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KWO Statement on Kaw Thoo Lei Day

June 14th, 2021  •  Category: News, KWO Media Statement

We, KWO, send our best wishes to you all on June 14th which marks the day our founding father, President Saw Ba U Gyi, formed the KawThoo Lei government and announced to the world.Kaw Thoo Lei day was formed on 14th June 1949. We, the Karen people, fight for peace, freedom and equality. We formed our Karen revolution to protect our people and our land from any bad events to come. Our wishes for peace have still not been met. The Burmese soldiers still violate our human rights and threaten our livelihoods with weapons and airstrikes. Now there are many IDPs in our Karen State and all around Burma. KWO would like all our Karen people around the world to work together as we can for our Karen people to escape from bad things and to achieve our freedom. We will continue to do our best to achieve our goals.