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More Burmese Military War Crimes as Airstrikes Kill and Injure Children in Karen State

January 13th, 2023  •  Category: News, KWO Media Statement

For Immediate Release Friday 13th January 2023

On Thursday 12th January, the Burmese military carried out two airstrikes on civilian villages in Mutraw (Papun) District, Kawthoolei (Karen State), inside Burma.  Striking their own people again.

The strikes were unprovoked and hit two villages. Paw Khee Lah village was hit at 1:30pm injuring a woman and her child and destroying three houses. Lay Wah village was hit by nine bombs killing 5 people including a mother and her two-year-old daughter. These civilian attacks also hit two churches killing one Roman Catholic Catechist, one Baptist Pastor and one Church Committee member.

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