Capacity Building

We provide capacity building training under this Program to KWO Position Holders and to community members, both women and men who may be leaders of some kind and villagers. These trainings are provided by local KWO district leaders or staff or KWO central level trainers. Through this work understanding and respect for basic rights increases. People feel empowered to apply their rights on a daily basis. This supports them as they protect their lives and their land in the very fragile areas of Karen State and the refugee camps. The project staff under this program receive training such as project management, financial management, report writing, keeping records, public speaking, how to mobilize community members, how to hold a meeting, as well as receiving thorough training related to Rights. KWO believes that broad community and organisational education like this deepens understanding and influences how all members of the community and KWO approach each other and our work. In this way we contribute to building civil society in our country.

Some of our current focus areas:

Thai Govenment: joint advocacy efforts targeting the Thai government in the request for them to open up opportunities for refugees to work or access services in Thailand. (eg. issuing legal documents to refugees, Thai education and health services.)

Burmese Military and Economic Sanctions: on an International level our advocacy will focus more efforts targeting the Burmese military for economic sanctions, visa bans, and the referral of the head of the Burmese military to the ICC.

Our Membership: we will target our own KWO Membership base for Awareness Raising and Capacity Building activities, as well as the regular wider community and leadership. Currently our records show that the KWO membership is 72,399 women and girls, and our aim is to support members in becoming more active in local fund-raising, advocacy and driving social change.

KWO is an ethnic women’s community-based organization that empowers women so they have capacity and power to solve their own problems and participate in decision-making that will affect their lives. Morden by Automatic theme, customised by KWO, copyright 2019

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