Supporting 73 Village Nursery Schools This Year

We are half way through the school year here and KWO is supporting 73 village nursery schools spread across 5 areas in Karen State, Burma. Many of these students have been displaced by the Burmese military and the long standing civil war.  We are so pleased that this year we have been able to support theseContinue reading “Supporting 73 Village Nursery Schools This Year”

A visit to one Karen Women Organization ( KWO ) supported dormitory in Karen State

A visit to one Karen Women Organization ( KWO ) supported dormitory in Karen State In April 2012, I went with 5 KWO colleagues to Doo Tha Htu district in Karen State. Among other activities we also visited a student dormitory that has been supported for several years through KWO and individual friends. There areContinue reading “A visit to one Karen Women Organization ( KWO ) supported dormitory in Karen State”

$25 will help feed a Karen child at our Nursery Schools for a full year

  Click here to DONATE The children in our Nursery Schools in Karen State in Burma need your help.  We know that education is important for people all over the world, especially education of young children. Despite the long standing abuse by the Burmese military Karen communities across Karen State join together to build andContinue reading “$25 will help feed a Karen child at our Nursery Schools for a full year”

KWO Magazine in Karen

KWO puts out a quarterly magazine in Skaw Karen which are distributed through out the 7 Karen refugee camps.  Each magazine is passed between refugees being read by multiple people.  It is just one way we seek to keep our community up to date and informed. Use this link if you’d like to download orContinue reading “KWO Magazine in Karen”

Nursery Schools in IDP areas and camps

KWO also runs nursery schools in IDP camps and areas in Karen State inside Burma.  Children’s families have been forced to flee their villages due to conflict and attacks by the Burmese junta.  Despite the circumstances we are able to provide enrichment, nutrition, and care to hundreds of children as well as training for teachers.Continue reading “Nursery Schools in IDP areas and camps”

Women’s Empowerment and Vocation Training Project (IDP Areas)

Goal: To educate women in IDP areas and give them vocational and life skills training, building their confidence and skills to work for the community and increase women’s participation in all levels of decision-making. This project for women among the Internally Displaced People in Karen State has been running since 2005 in 6 districts. ThereContinue reading “Women’s Empowerment and Vocation Training Project (IDP Areas)”

Capacity Building

Capacity Building Project Goal: To support and strengthen KWO’s capacity to provide essential services to the Karen refugee and village communities. In order to ensure the effective operation of KWO’s work in the refugee camps, KWO organizes capacity building training for KWO staff and members. These activities have been run regularly for ten years, withContinue reading “Capacity Building”

Emerging Leaders School (ELS)

The KWO Emerging Leaders School (ELS) was started in 2008. The course ran 2 times for 10 months each time, between April 2008 and March 2009 and a similar period in 2009-2010.  The project aims to provide a higher level of education for young women, than the KYWLS curriculum and to prepare the students moreContinue reading “Emerging Leaders School (ELS)”

Karen Young Women’s Leadership School (KYWLS)

Karen Young Women’s Leadership School (KYWLS) Goal: To empower young women to realize their potential leadership ability and move towards women’s participation as equal partners with men in decision-making at a community level. KWO established the KYWLS in 2001. KYWLS targets young women who are interested in working for organizations, especially the KWO, in theirContinue reading “Karen Young Women’s Leadership School (KYWLS)”