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The Karen Women’s Organization and the Karen Human Rights Group Condemn the Burmese Junta’s Use of Women as Human Shields

September 3, 2021

The Karen Women’s Organization (KWO) and the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) strongly condemn the use of women as human shields by the Burma Army in Karen State and other […] Read more

KWO Statement Commemorating the Rohingya Genocide

August 25, 2021

On this day commemorating the Rohingya genocide, KWO wishes to express our solidarity for the pain and suffering Rohingya victims and their families have endured under militarised campaigns wages by […] Read more

KWO Letter on Karen Martyrs Day

August 10, 2021

On the 71st Martyrs Day to commemorate the memory of our martyrs who have sacrificed their lives to protect us and ensure we can live with our dignity, we pay […] Read more

KWO Letter on 74th KNDO Day

July 16, 2021

Today marks the 74th KNDO day. KWO sends our best wishes to all KNDO soldiers. We encourage all our Karen people to be happy and healthy and to be hopeful, […] Read more

Statement on 72nd Karen National Liberation Army Day

July 5, 2021

KWO sends our best wishes to all in the Karen Army and to all Karen around the world on July 5th which marks the day of the 72nd Karen National […] Read more

KWO Statement on Kaw Thoo Lei Day

June 14, 2021

We, KWO, send our best wishes to you all on June 14th which marks the day our founding father, President Saw Ba U Gyi, formed the KawThoo Lei government and […] Read more

36th KWO Day

April 5, 2021

To mark the 36th anniversary of KWO-Day, KWO addressed a formal letter to all KWO members and Karen people around the world. KWO call for unity, for us to continue […] Read more

Call for Donations for IDPs

March 31, 2021

IDPs in Karen State are in urgent need of food and supplies as they have been forced to flee airstrikes by the Burma Army. KWO is grateful for any donations […] Read more

Statement: KWO Condemns Violence in Karen State & Calls for Immediate Response

March 29, 2021

28 March 2021: The Karen Women’s Organization (KWO) strongly condemns the Burma Army’s escalation of attacks on innocent Karen civilians, using jet fighters. On 27 March, Burma Army soldiers launched […] Read more