KWO delighted to anounce the launch of the revised and updated version of ARM (Automatic Response Mechanism)

We pay tribute to the women and girls from Burma who have suffered great injustices, but whose courage and strength inspire us. Today, the 5th of April 2014 is KWO Day and we are pleased to announce the launch of the revised and updated version of ARM (Automatic Response Mechanism). ARM is intended to be […]

Mother Tongue Advocacy Group Launched – MINE (Myanmar/Burma Indigenous Network for Education)

Friday 21st February – International Mother Language Day “Its MINE”: Indigenous groups claim their rights through new network for education in Myanmar. The Myanmar/Burma Indigenous Network for Education (MINE) was launched on Friday 21st February, International Mother language day. An ethnic education seminar hosted by the Karen Teacher Working Group (KTWG) from 12 – 14 […]

KWO Message for International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women (Karen Version)

Click the link below for the Karen version KWO’s Message of International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women. Photos from International Stop Violence Against Women Day in Du The Htoo district, Karen State. Photos from International Stop Violence Against Women Day in Umphiem Mai camp.

KWO 2011 – 2012 Two Year Update

KWO is pleased to provide our 2011/12-update report including programs currently running in the community, challenges and successes, financial reports, KWO special activities and a Call to Action. One thing that remains true throughout KWO’s 28 years of service is our commitment to the Empowerment, Equality, and Freedom of all Karen women. Thank you to KWO […]

KWO Special Education Program TOT Workshop

On May 20 – June 14 2013 there was follow up SE TOT for one week conducted in each camp. The town based project staff facilitated the TOT. The TOT’s 88 participants included, all teaching staff in each camp (teachers, trainers, and school directors). The topics covered in the training were

Reflection on Refugee Return: Youth Drawing Competition

Refugee Youth Drawing Competition: 6 Winners from Mae La and Umphiem Camps and other contestants drawings. Please see the slide show below;

In Recognition of World Refugee Day : “I am a refugee, This is My Life, Hear My Voice”

We ARE the refugees, this is OUR community, and we know what is best for our future.  We will not let our future be decided by others! Support us in our struggle for Community Ownership. This is SIMPLE, Just Listen to our Voice and Work Along Side With Us.