KWO Campaign, Stop Domestic Violence Against Women and Children, 16 Days of Activism

On the 23rd of November, KWO members and leaders were excited to launch our 16 day International Days for the Elimination of Violence against Women Campaign.  The KWO campaign focus this year, is  “Stop Domestic Violence Against Women and Children”.  We will have activities in 7 Karen Refugees Camps and 7 districts in Karen State for members of our community to participate in.  Below are photos from the launch.



Valuable Words of President Saw Ba U Gyi! Karen and Burmese Version

In memory of all our Karen Martyrs on this special day, We want to share with you all the valuable words of our President Saw Ba U Gyi!

President Saw Ba U Gyi words Pamphlet Karen and Burmese Version

30th Anniversary Of Karen Women’s Organization Media Advisory

“No Women No Peace”
WHAT: 5th April is KWO 30th Anniversary so we would like you to come celebrate with KWO on this special day. KWO Day celebrates the many women who contribute to building and strengthening the Karen community at every level. We will be honoring those who have served KWO full time for more than 10 years. We will also be launching 1 report and 1 book. These important documents both written in Karen language serve as important sources for our
community. One of the publications is the first Karen version of our seminal publication on Karen women village leaders in Burma; “Walking Among Sharp Knives”. It is essential at this time to highlight the importance of women’s leadership during the most dangerous periods of the long armed conflict compared with the current lack of women present during the peace process happening now in Burma. The other publication follows on from our Traditional Clothing competition last year and is a book in Karen about the rich tapestry of Traditional Clothing found in our Karen communities. The two publications will allow Karen women to advocate for themselves and better understand what is happening to the community broadly.

Ethnic Women ‘Ignored, Abused And Victimized’


“We are not only ignored, we are being abused and victimized. The peace talks don’t include a significant or meaningful level of women participants on the Burmese side or the ethnic side. Continue reading “Ethnic Women ‘Ignored, Abused And Victimized’”

KWO delighted to anounce the launch of the revised and updated version of ARM (Automatic Response Mechanism)

We pay tribute to the women and girls from Burma who have suffered great injustices,
but whose courage and strength inspire us.

Today, the 5th of April 2014 is KWO Day and we are pleased to announce the launch of the revised and updated version of ARM (Automatic Response Mechanism). ARM is intended to be used as the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to respond to cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in the 7 Karen refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. The information and advice in ARM will be useful for those involved in SGBV cases: the victim, her family and friends, organisations and structures in our community that give services or support, national and international organisations that give services or support to refugees.

ARM SOP  English Version ( Cover) ARM SOP  English Version Cover

The original ARM was released in 2003 as a document that gives advice and guidance to support women and girls who have suffered sexual or physical violence. Continue reading “KWO delighted to anounce the launch of the revised and updated version of ARM (Automatic Response Mechanism)”

KWO Message for International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women (Karen Version)

Click the link below for the Karen version KWO’s Message of International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Photos from International Stop Violence Against Women Day in Du The Htoo district, Karen State.

VAW Day Du The Htoo

Photos from International Stop Violence Against Women Day in Umphiem Mai camp.
VAW Day Umphiem