KWO Message on International Day of Peace 21 September, 2016 Karen Version

In recognition of International Day of Peace on the 21 September, 2016 we, KWO would like to share our message with everyone and hope to see “Genuine and Sustainable Peace” in Burma soon. KWO main theme for this year is ” Sustainable Peace , need genuine women’s participation”.

Please see KWO Message in Karen for more information.



Chairperson of Karen Women’s Organization Speech on Karen’s Martyr Day 2014 Karen Version

KWO Chairperson Speech for Martyr Day 2014 Karen Version

Mother Tongue Advocacy Group Launched – MINE (Myanmar/Burma Indigenous Network for Education)

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Friday 21st February – International Mother Language Day

“Its MINE”: Indigenous groups claim their rights through new network for education in Myanmar. The Myanmar/Burma Indigenous Network for Education (MINE) was launched on Friday 21st February, International Mother language day. An ethnic education seminar hosted by the Karen Teacher Working Group (KTWG) from 12 – 14 February led to the creation of MINE. Continue reading “Mother Tongue Advocacy Group Launched – MINE (Myanmar/Burma Indigenous Network for Education)”

KWO Staff Capacity Building Training nearing completion

KWO has been conducting capacity building training for about 30 of our KWO community leaders and staff.  This training lasts a month and includes public speaking, an introduction to community work, community mobilization. KWO values like women’s rights, human rights, women’s empowerment are also taught along with the basics like facilitating, office management and bookkeeping.  The increased skills of these staff, who work and live in the 7 Karen refugee camps in Thailand and in Karen State, Burma make it possible for KWO to expand the women it can reach and serve.

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Stop Violence Against Women Day Skit at Ei Tu Ta Refugee Camp

Violence Against Women Day Skit at Ei Tu Ta Refugee Camp

KWO had activities on Stop Violence Against Women Day in refugee camps. During the events KWO presented information about violence against women along with having young people within our community perform skits to educate themselves and others.

A Camp Leader in Ei Tu Tah Refugee camp speaks in support of activities to Stop Violence Against Women

KWO Organizing Trip into Pa ‘an District in Karen State

KWO staff and leaders often have to walk long distances to get to villages and townships within Karen State.  The weeks of walking are our only way to talk directly to the Karen living there about important issues in our community.

KWO Health Program Coordinator distributes materials and informationHealth Program Coordinator conducts information session