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Our Work

KWO is a leading indigenous women’s organisation working in protection and our programs directly serve women, girls, children, and the most vulnerable people in our community. We promote women’s leadership, gender sensitivity and community ownership in all aspects of our work.

Education Program

KWO promotes education for all in our community. We provide schooling where there are gaps in existing education mainstream services.

Social Welfare Program

KWO provides protection and direct care-giving in the community. We work to prevent and respond to violence against women. We assist the most vulnerable members of the community.

Health Program

KWO works to improve the health of women and of children through community education. We advocate for the whole community to increase access to health services. We collaborate with the local ethnic Health service providers.

Organising & Information Sharing Program

KWO conducts a wide variety of activities for information gathering and sharing in the community. We advocate for positive change and we organize for community mobilization. We work to sustain and develop the organization.