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KWO COVID-19 Response Report

May 15th, 2020  •  Category: News

At the beginning of March 2020, the Coronavirus COVID- 19 outbreak spread all around the world including in Thailand and Burma. The World Health Organization and then governments in each country released statements for preventing the spread and a set of regulations for the public to follow. This included Thailand and Burma.

As KWO received the new rules and regulations, we reviewed our work plans for our projects and activities.  In these difficult circumstances, like many other organisations, we had to postpone or cancel planned activities which involved large groups of people, like training or special events. This has impacted our daily work. However, with the capacity and resources that we had available, we continued to work hard within the new limitations, to meet many of our target goals and objectives.

In this pandemic period, KWO has intervened to advocate for at-risk, and vulnerable communities and individuals, so as to ensure access to information and basic services.

Download our report in English here.

Download our graphic for the report in English here.