KWO Team Creates  A Kid Friendly Environment in Displaced Villages

As we reported earlier a KWO team went to distribute the emergency supplies to recently displaced Karen families in two Karen Villages. Our team also bought some refreshment for children  to help make  them happier in this difficult situation.  These are pictures from the visit.


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KWO Successfully Distributes Emergency Assistance to Recently Displaced Families

On 24th September 2016, a KWO team went to Naw Ta and Htee Thay Khee Villages to distribute clothing, pots, plates, spoons, mats, blankets, and new born baby care kits to all of the Internally Displaced People there. The materials distributed today were for children and adults, both men and women. We distributed everything needed together with support from our community leaders and supporters including Karen Unity Hope.

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KWO would like to take this opportunity thank all of the Karen Community in different countries for their in-kind support and also those individuals who sent donations.

Based upon our needs assessment, this will be our final day giving out this kind of emergency assistance. For those who contributed, we will send you both a narrative and a financial report after all our team in the field is back to our main office.

If you would like to contribute to more long term support please contact CIDKP or KRC.

KWO Update: Emergency Distributions to the new Internally Displaced People

Today, 22nd of September 2016

KWO team together with some other community supporters went to Naw Hta Village and distributed the emergency needs for the recent displaced people. All of the materials that we districted are shown in pictures below. 

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KWO Celebrates International Day of Peace Event on 21 September 2016

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KWO Celebrates International Day of Peace Event in Karen State

Today, In recognition of International Day of Peace, KWO conducted the International Day of Peace event in Noh Paw Htee, Dew Loe Township, Mu Traw district. And there are a total of 1,246 participants which 538 are Female and 708 are Males from more than 20 villages.

In Taw Oo district, KWO collaborated with the Karen Students Network Group in developing a peace campaign around the International Day of Peace. And the event joined by more than one thousand participants.

The events in each sites included different kinds of competitions such as debates, impromptu speeches and question and answer sessions.

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Follow up Updates on KWO Need Assessments in Htee Thay Khee and Naw Hta Villages

KWO conducted a need assessment in Htee Thay Khee and Naw Hta, between the 18 – 20 Sept 2016. The total number of IDPs is 530 and they are from Ler Peh Dea,Jay Baw Klo, Thay Kaw, Poe Chit Lea, Nya Mer Tay Hta, Oo Moo Kee and Mae Wah village.The latest number of newly displaced people in Htee Thay Khee is 146 people from 25 families, Naw Hta is 193 from 30 families and in Mae Law Hta is 16 people from 3 families and Mae Tha Waw is 175 people from 38 families.

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The villagers are in urgent need of food, clothing, pots, pans, plates, plastic sheets, water containers, shoes, blankets, mats, mosquito nets and other personal hygiene packages. For the moment this displaced people received some dried foods and clothing from the individuals donation. KWO is coordinating with other Karen CBOs and individuals to response to this emergency situations.

There has been serious fighting in the Mae Tha Waw area of Hpa An District. The Burma Army-proxy Border Guard Force (BGF) attacked a faction of the DKBA and since then the conflict has been going on throughout September.


If you interested to contribute please contact KWO at or call KWO Emergency Relief Contact Person Naw Paw K’Yeh Moo at 66  857309056 for more information. 

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KWO Message on International Day of Peace 21 September, 2016 Karen Version


In recognition of International Day of Peace on the 21 September, 2016 we, KWO would like to share our message with everyone and hope to see “Genuine and Sustainable Peace” in Burma soon. KWO main theme for this year is ” Sustainable Peace , need genuine women’s participation”.

Please see KWO Message in Karen for more information.


KWO Conducted Need Assessment at Mae Tha Waw Areas

Recent fighting between the DKBA and BGF broke out on 2 September 2016 forcing more than 4000 people to run for safety in the Myaing Gyi Ngu Monestery   On 18th September a few KWO Senior staff went to Htee Thay Khee and Naw Tar Villages to assess the needs of the villagers in the Mae Tha Waw areas.There are 32 families with a total of 194 people, more than half children under 17 years old. Their urgent needs are household and kitchen materials, food, clothing, plastic covers for roofing, shoes, mosquitoes nets and other things.  We will continue to update people and work on serving these people.

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KWO Message on Karen’s Whist Tying Celebration ( Karen Version)

KWO Message on Karen’s Whist Tying Day Celebration in Karen Language

Valuable Words of President Saw Ba U Gyi! Karen and Burmese Version

In memory of all our Karen Martyrs on this special day, We want to share with you all the valuable words of our President Saw Ba U Gyi!

President Saw Ba U Gyi words Pamphlet Karen and Burmese Version