KWO Successfully Celebrated the 30th Anniversary on 5th April, 2015

The Karen Women’s Organization (KWO) celebrated the 30th anniversary of KWO Day at Tar Kreh Village, Hpa-An District in Karen State, Burma on Sunday 5th April, 2015. Over 300 people attended and participated in this special event. KWO women leaders from Doo Pla Yar, Doo Tha Htu and Hpa-An districts participated in the event. ThereContinue reading “KWO Successfully Celebrated the 30th Anniversary on 5th April, 2015”

KWO Magazine Volume 3 Issue 4

KWO puts out a quarterly magazine (September to December) in Skaw Karen and Burmese which are distributed through out the 7 Karen refugee camps. Each magazine is passed between refugees being read by multiple people. It is just one way we seek to keep our community up to date and informed.

Strong Evidence Supporting the Tragic Conclusion that Two Kachin Teachers Have Been Raped and Murdered by Burmese Army

KWO Supports the statements below from the Women’s League of Burma and the Kachin Women’s Association.  It is time for these horrific human rights violations to end. (statements below in English and Burmese)

Ethnic Women ‘Ignored, Abused And Victimized’

 In an exclusive interview with Karen News, the Secretary of the Karen Women’s Organization (KWO), a community based organisation representing more than 49,000 women including refugees in Thailand and internally displaced persons inside Burma, said that ethnic women were second-class citizens in their own country. “We are not only ignored, we are being abused andContinue reading “Ethnic Women ‘Ignored, Abused And Victimized’”

Harvard Legal Clinic Calls for Military Reforms to End Unlawful Attacks on Civilians

Policy Memorandum: Preventing Indiscriminate Attacks and Wilful Killings of Civilians by the Myanmar Military, launched Monday by the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic at a press conference in Yangon. The documents are online here:    

KWO supports Kachin Women’s Association Thailand

KWO condemns these actions by the Burmese military and the ongoing use of rape as a weapon of war. Press release by the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand 31st October, 2013 Ongoing Burmese Army atrocities in Kachin State are undermining the peace process New documentation by the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) exposes recent atrocities byContinue reading “KWO supports Kachin Women’s Association Thailand”

Karen Women’s Organisation condemns Burmese Army Attacks on Kachin Villagers

This past Tuesday, 22 October, the Burmese Army brutally attacked 2 villages in Southern Kachin State.  This is in direct violation of the agreement signed by the Government and the Kachin National Organisation just 12 days previously.  The attack was launched by 7 Burmese army battalions.  These attacks affected several camps where approximately 2400 InternallyContinue reading “Karen Women’s Organisation condemns Burmese Army Attacks on Kachin Villagers”

KWO 2011 – 2012 Two Year Update

KWO is pleased to provide our 2011/12-update report including programs currently running in the community, challenges and successes, financial reports, KWO special activities and a Call to Action. One thing that remains true throughout KWO’s 28 years of service is our commitment to the Empowerment, Equality, and Freedom of all Karen women. Thank you to KWOContinue reading “KWO 2011 – 2012 Two Year Update”