KWO Speaks in British Parliament – Meets DFID Minister

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Nursery School Fundraising

The Children in Nursery Schools in Karen State in Burma need your help. Education is important for people all over the world and Karen communities in Burma work hard to ensure education for their young children, despite long-standing abuses by the Burmese army. In Burma, education is woefully underfunded. The average length of schooling is just four years. In areas that are dominated by ethnic minorities the average education level is lower and the poverty higher. However, the Karen people have demonstrated a huge commitment to the children’s education, knowing that a good education will help pave the path to a better future for their children.

DSC04296Karen communities work together to gather building materials, construct schools, and volunteer to run schools so that young children have a safe, fun learning environment. This shows the incredible commitment to education that these communities have in the face of hardship. Continue reading

KWO Special Education Program TOT Workshop

On May 20 – June 14 2013 there was follow up SE TOT for one week conducted in each camp. The town based project staff facilitated the TOT. The TOT’s 88 participants included, all teaching staff in each camp (teachers, trainers, and school directors).


The topics covered in the training were Continue reading

KWO Special Education Case Study 2012-2013

Use this link if you’d like to download or read it;KWO Special Education Case Study 2012-2013 KWO Special Education Case Study 2012-2013_Page_1 KWO Special Education Case Study 2012-2013_Page_2 KWO Special Education Case Study 2012-2013_Page_3KWO Special Education Case Study 2012-2013_Page_4KWO Special Education Case Study 2012-2013_Page_5

World Refugee Day Event in Umphiem and Mae La Camp

20th June, 2013 World Refugee Day Event: Umphiem and Mae La Camp
Three hundred refugees in Umphiem camp united on 20 June 2013 in recognition of World Refugee Day. The event was organized by the Camp Committee, CBOs and some NGOs. Thai local authorities, UNHCR and other NGOs joined the event. During the event different groups and organizations, including KWO, gave speeches. KSNG camp based students’ group preformed a drama about unsafe conditions such as land mines, which make it dangerous for refugees to return (to Burma). The event also showcased traditional dance and song from different ethnic groups in the camp and refugee children.
In Mae La camp approximately 3,000 refugees and community members came together on 20 June 2013 in recognition of World Refugee Day. The day was organized by the Camp Committee and camp based CBOs such as KWO, KSNG and some NGOs. CBOs, NGOs, UNHCR, KRC and local authorities participated in the event. Activities included a drama about how people become refugees by HI camp based staffs and traditional song and dance performances by a few ethnic groups in camp. The Thai authorities were present and received thanks from different organizations working on the border for hosting refugees in Thailand.

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Youth from both camps participated in a Drawing Competition. Three winners were selected from each camp and presented with prizes. All of the contestants also received a small gift.

In Recognition of World Refugee Day : “I am a refugee, This is My Life, Hear My Voice”

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We ARE the refugees, this is OUR community, and we know what is best for our future.
 We will not let our future be decided by others!

Support us in our struggle for Community Ownership. This is SIMPLE, Just Listen to our Voice and Work Along Side With Us.

KWO Magazine in Skaw Karen

KWO puts out a quarterly magazine in Skaw Karen which are distributed through out the 7 Karen refugee camps and 7 districts.  Each magazine is passed between refugees being read by multiple people.  It is just one way we seek to keep our community up to date and informed.

KWO Magazine (2) KWO Magazine

Use this link if you’d like to download or read our magazine: KWO Magazine Volume 2 Issue 10

KWO 6th Congress Short Movie


“Nothing About Us Without Us” Video on Refugee Return with KWO Secretary Dah Eh Kler

Burma Partnership released this video about refugee’s views on repatriation and the current process.  Filmed and Directed by Timothy Syrota

The video features refugees, human rights leaders, and UNHCR.  KWO has been a leading voice for refugee direct participation in planning and implementing any refugee return once conditions make return possible.  We do not believe it is possible for refugees to safely return at the current time.