KPSN Critique of Japan International Cooperation Agency’s Blueprint for Development in Southeastern Burma/Myanmar

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Mother Tongue Advocacy Group Launched – MINE (Myanmar/Burma Indigenous Network for Education)

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Friday 21st February – International Mother Language Day

“Its MINE”: Indigenous groups claim their rights through new network for education in Myanmar. The Myanmar/Burma Indigenous Network for Education (MINE) was launched on Friday 21st February, International Mother language day. An ethnic education seminar hosted by the Karen Teacher Working Group (KTWG) from 12 – 14 February led to the creation of MINE. Continue reading “Mother Tongue Advocacy Group Launched – MINE (Myanmar/Burma Indigenous Network for Education)”

Karen Women’s Seminar results in new organization: Karen Women for Peace

Responding to Karen Women Participation as provided in UNSCR 1325
Date: 28th, November 2012

The first Karen Women Seminar was successfully held from 24th to 26th of November 2012. The meeting was attended by more than 40 Karen women who are working in a wide variety of fields including education, health, social work, emergency assistance, environment, human rights and women rights.

During the seminar, we discussed United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 regarding women participation in the peace process, and analyzed Karen women’s involvement in the current peace process. In addition, we planned future activities with the intention to encourage the continuation of women’s active participation in the ongoing peace process.

Thramu Paw Gay Khu, the General Secretary of Federation of Trade Unions – Kawthoolei said that “This is the first time Karen women from various geographic areas have come together to consult and discuss various issues related to women participation in the peace process. We have seen that many women are motivated to take a more active role in the leadership and decision making process. We also came to the unfortunate realization that most of our Karen women are still marginalized and their views are all too often being ignored. I felt this seminar provided a safe space for many women to share their difficult experiences and support each other so we all have more resilience to keep working of behalf of Karen women and our community.”

As a result of the seminar, a working group called “Karen Women for Peace” was established to enhance and improve cooperation among committed Karen women to constructively participate in the peace process. Moreover, an agreement was also made to organize another women’s seminar next year.

Contact- Nan Dah Eh Kler – +66 857269291

Karen women’s seminar press in Burmese final

Karen Women Seminar Press statement Karen Version, 2012

Karen People’s Forum Statement and Press Release Regarding the Peace Proces and Mega Development Projects


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Karen People’s Forum Statement _Burmese_

Karen People’s Forum Statement (English)

Karen People’s Forum Statement (Karen)

Press Release (English)

Press Release (Karen)

Press Release _Burmese_


KWO Magazine in Skaw Karen

KWO puts out a quarterly magazine in Skaw Karen which are distributed through out the 7 Karen refugee camps.  Each magazine is passed between refugees being read by multiple people.  It is just one way we seek to keep our community up to date and informed.

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KWO Magazine vol 2 Issue 9

KWO Celebrates the International Day of Peace and Honors Thramu Zipporah Sein

Karen Women Organization

21st September 2012

International Day of Peace

 “Just saying peace is not enough, it needs all of us to take action”

Press here for Karen Women Organization International Day of Peace Statement 2012 Karen Version

Karen Women Organization celebrates the 2012 International Day of Peace with great hope.  The UN declared that this International Day of Peace’s theme would be “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”.  We celebrate the recent negotiations for ceasefires and peace in Burma.  We hope this beginning will bring sustainable peace someday soon.

KWO in honoring the International Day of Peace, would like to honor a longstanding female leader, Naw Zipporah Sein, the General Secretary of the Karen National Union (KNU) for her tireless efforts and leadership in the peace talks with the current Burmese Peace Team.

On behalf of KWO, Dah Eh Kler KWO Secretary, warmly welcomed the ongoing ceasefire talks between the Government of Burma and different ethnic groups. She said ” In our hearts, we deeply hope this will lead to political settlement and sustainable peace. We believe just saying peace is not enough, it needs all of us to take action.”

While we celebrate the ceasefires, our hearts also go out to the Kachin people who have been subjected to violence by the Burmese Army for almost a year.  We know and understand the suffering of Kachin women and children, for we have experienced it in the past.  We welcome the initiative of the Government of Burma for the recent talks.  We also know that real peace takes more than a single leader or group.  It requires all of us to work together as equals.  It is only through the full engagement of all the people of Burma that we can reach this cherished goal.

As the Karen Women Organization we have called for more women in leadership roles in this peace process.  General Secretary Zipporah Sein is one woman who has stepped forward as a leader.  We hope that all parties to the various peace talks will act to include women in their delegations.  Women have a vital role to play in building peace and unity alongside men.  We all must work toward peace, never letting that goal out of our sight.

KWO, on the International Day of Peace would like call on the Burmese military to show that they want genuine peace by stopping all operations within ethnic areas especially within Kachin and Shan States. We also call on all parties to fully implement ceasefire agreements by signing codes of conduct and enforcement mechanisms. Finally we hope the coming year all ethnic groups and the Government will enter into political dialogue to establish a real democracy within a Burmese federal system with equality and dignity.

As we reach for real sustainable peace in Burma, we know it must include rights, democracy and dignity for all the people of Burma.


1. Nan Dah Eh Kler – + 66 857269291

2. Naw Blooming Night Zan – + 66 885455746


Karen Women Organization International Day of Peace Statement 2012 Karen Version