Ethical Leadership and Organisational Management Short Course Graduation

29 people from different Karen CBOs, Karen Office of Relief and Development (KORD), Karen Legal Aids Centre (KLAC), Karen Teachers Working Group (KTWG) and KWO attended this 2 month long special course. KWO is very proud of all of the 19 of the KWO senior staff who completed it. Congratulations to you all!
We want to thank the three instructors: Thara Harry Wah, Thara William Poe and Tharamu Cha Ku for their time and effort that made these two months possible.
We would also like to thank both the IRC/PLE Program and Payap University for creating this kind of opportunity for community based organisations. We are proud of all 29 graduates and look forward to seeing their contributions to our community applying what they have learned from the course.
Finally we would like to take this opportunity to thank USAID for supporting this program.



Building Women’s Empowerment:Adobe Style !

Building Knowledge: Karen women will learn skills to build their own adobe style training center. The center will be used to train Karen women on how to build their own houses, adobe style!
Building Confidence: Empowering women to design and build their own adobe houses will boost their confidence and strength. Through this process, they will not only challenge themselves physically, but they will also challenge traditional gender assumptions.
Building Community: The building process creates community which can lead to further building collaboration among participants. The participants will take their skills and go on to build with adobe in their own communities inside Burma.

Capacity Building Workshop for KWO Project Coordinators and Project Assistants Successfully Completed

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On May 5 – 9, 2014 KWO successfully conducted a Capacity Building Workshop for 26 Project Coordinators and Assistants. The workshop focused on project cycle management and accounting procedures and was lead by KWO’s Education program coordinator. The participants learned about staff management, defined their job descriptions, and how to conduct project monitoring and evaluation. They also learned about KWO finance procedures which included how to manage finance and keep financial records. All of the participants said that they felt more empowered and knowledgeable after this workshop. They now feel more confident in their skills as project coordinators and assistants.

KWO Staff Capacity Building Training nearing completion

KWO has been conducting capacity building training for about 30 of our KWO community leaders and staff.  This training lasts a month and includes public speaking, an introduction to community work, community mobilization. KWO values like women’s rights, human rights, women’s empowerment are also taught along with the basics like facilitating, office management and bookkeeping.  The increased skills of these staff, who work and live in the 7 Karen refugee camps in Thailand and in Karen State, Burma make it possible for KWO to expand the women it can reach and serve.

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KWO 2011 – 2012 Two Year Update

KWO is pleased to provide our 2011/12-update report including programs currently running in the community, challenges and successes, financial reports, KWO special activities and a Call to Action. One thing that remains true throughout KWO’s 28 years of service is our commitment to the Empowerment, Equality, and Freedom of all Karen women. Thank you to KWO staff, leaders, members, volunteers, community members, partner organizations and funders who help make KWO successful!

KWO 2011-2012 Two Year Update

Capacity Building Training of Trainer (TOT)

Karen Women Organization Capacity Building Training of the Trainer was held on 12th February to 13th March 2013. There were 24 participants of KWO leaders who came from six districts and seven Karen refugee camps. During the TOT training course there were some topics that covered such as; KWO Constitution and work of the community, Project accounting , KWO overall financial system , Child rights and protection ,Women’s protection and rule of law, Documentation ,Women leadership skills ,Letter writing and  Mine risk awareness training.

TOT pic 1Participants gained many valuable skills at the TOT training. Not only were participants able to gain practical skills like documentation, letter writing, and financial report and receipt preparation, but they also developed skills on how to keep their community and themselves safe, informed, and empowered.

TOT pic 3 TOT Pic 4 TOT pic 2One of the most valuable topics, according to participants, was women’s protection and rule of law. Too often in Karen communities women are the victims of sexual assaults and they do not know how to report the crimes. During TOT trainers learned about the legal rights of women and how to protect women who have been victimized, empowering them to stand up for themselves and other women in the community. TOT graduates will now take this information to their communities and inform other women, promoting the protection of women and rule of law.

Capacity Building – Learning To Make Us Stronger


Goal: To support and strengthen KWO s capac ity to provide essential services to the Karen refugee and village communities.

About the project: In order to ensure the effective operation of KWO s work in the refugee camps, KWO organizes capacity building training for KWO staff and members. These activities have been run regularly for ten years.

In 2009, KWO renewed its efforts to increase the skills and knowledge of KWO staff, members and position holders at all levels of the organisation. Since 2005 in the refugee camps, there has been a high turnover in KWO due to families departing for resettlement and many of the remaining women in camps who were subsequently elected into KWO positions of responsibility, have less management experience and had received less training. In response to this the Capacity Building Project has redoubled efforts to provide appropriate and regular skills and knowledge training. We have developed and use 12 training modules which are run for KWO staff in the refugee camps and town offices. All the modules contribute to staff and members being able to make better decisions and work more effectively, enhancing the quality of their support to thousands of people.  The topics covered include: leadership, accounting, KWO constitution, roles and responsibilities of position holders within KWO, KWO community work, public speaking,information sharing, child rights and child protection issues, human rights and gender, office management, refugee rights and return, sex and gender based violence, women’s protection, basic law and social services, documentation and writing, etc