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Social Welfare Program

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February 17, 2012

  Our goal is to empower Karen refugee women to generate income for themselves and their families. The project started in 2003 to provide advanced training in weaving and sewing […] Read more

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Elderly Care

February 16, 2012

The Elderly Care Project was established in Ei Tu Hta (IDP) camp in April 2007. This project has grown from supporting an initial 26 elderly people in the camp, to […] Read more

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KWO Staff and Leaders Participate in Pounded Sticky Rice Competition

January 6, 2012

KWO staff and leaders competed with other Karen people to make a traditional Karen dish out of pounded sticky rice.  They took first prize! Read more

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16 Days of Activism

December 7, 2011

During the Stopping Violence Against Women Day event in Mae Sariang attendees discussed the White Ribbon meaning and the story of the Unforgettable Butterflies. The Mirabel sisters, three women from […] Read more

Stop Violence Against Women’s Day at KWO Mae Sariang Office

December 6, 2011

Events were held, during the 16 Days of Activism, in all 7 Karen Refugee Camps. KWO organized this activity in some cases alone and in other in cooperation with other […] Read more

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Stop Violence Against Women Day Skit at Ei Tu Ta Refugee Camp

December 6, 2011

KWO had activities on Violence Against Women Day in refugee camps. During the events KWO presented information about violence against women along with having young people within our community perform skits to educate themselves and others. Read more

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November 25, 2011

KWO provides direct assistance to community members and works towards solving social problems in the community. As refugees and IDPs, the population continues to face difficult social problems that exist […] Read more

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Traditional Birthing Assistants

November 7, 2011

Traditional Birthing Assistants are given training by KWO.  They also provide all new mothers with a baby kit.  It includes a few basics to help women get started with a […] Read more