Nursery School Fundraising

The Children in Nursery Schools in Karen State in Burma need your help. Education is important for people all over the world and Karen communities in Burma work hard to ensure education for their young children, despite long-standing abuses by the Burmese army. In Burma, education is woefully underfunded. The average length of schooling isContinue reading “Nursery School Fundraising”

World Refugee Day Event in Umphiem and Mae La Camp

20th June, 2013 World Refugee Day Event: Umphiem and Mae La Camp Three hundred refugees in Umphiem camp united on 20 June 2013 in recognition of World Refugee Day. The event was organized by the Camp Committee, CBOs and some NGOs. Thai local authorities, UNHCR and other NGOs joined the event. During the event different groups andContinue reading “World Refugee Day Event in Umphiem and Mae La Camp”

Baby Kit Monitoring trip to Doo Tha Htu, Taw Oo, Kler Lwee Htu and Doo Pla Ya Districts

In March and April, 2013 KWO were able to conduct Baby Kits Project Monitoring trip to four of the districts inside Karen state of Burma. Please kindly see some pictures that were taken during the trip at different district. We were very surprised to see many men accompanied their wives. And in some cases theyContinue reading “Baby Kit Monitoring trip to Doo Tha Htu, Taw Oo, Kler Lwee Htu and Doo Pla Ya Districts”

28th Anniversary of KWO Day

On 5 April 2013 KWO celebrated the 28th anniversary of KWO Day. KWO Day took place in four areas of Karen State, Kler Day Trae in Lu Plae Township Pa’An district, Pyae Kah village Taw Oo District, Dooplaya district and Ei Tu Tah refugee camp. KWO Day was also celebrated in an urban area in ThailandContinue reading “28th Anniversary of KWO Day”

Capacity Building Training of Trainer (TOT)

Karen Women Organization Capacity Building Training of the Trainer was held on 12th February to 13th March 2013. There were 24 participants of KWO leaders who came from six districts and seven Karen refugee camps. During the TOT training course there were some topics that covered such as; KWO Constitution and work of the community,Continue reading “Capacity Building Training of Trainer (TOT)”

KWO Magazine in Skaw Karen

KWO puts out a quarterly magazine in Skaw Karen which are distributed through out the 7 Karen refugee camps and 7 districts.  Each magazine is passed between refugees being read by multiple people.  It is just one way we seek to keep our community up to date and informed. Use this link if you’d likeContinue reading “KWO Magazine in Skaw Karen”

Special Education Training of the Trainer

On 1st  March 2013, 20 school directors, trainers, and teachers from Mae Ra Moe, Mae La Oo, Mae La, Umpiem, Nu Poe, Bang Dong Yang, and Suphung in Mae La Camp completed a three week special education Training of the Trainer (TOT) program. Topics included play session planning, classroom management, art, lesson planning, and muchContinue reading “Special Education Training of the Trainer”