Women’s Empowerment and Vocation Training Project (IDP Areas)

Goal: To educate women in IDP areas and give them vocational and life skills training, building their confidence and skills to work for the community and increase women’s participation in all levels of decision-making. This project for women among the Internally Displaced People in Karen State has been running since 2005 in 6 districts. ThereContinue reading “Women’s Empowerment and Vocation Training Project (IDP Areas)”

Capacity Building

Capacity Building Project Goal: To support and strengthen KWO’s capacity to provide essential services to the Karen refugee and village communities. In order to ensure the effective operation of KWO’s work in the refugee camps, KWO organizes capacity building training for KWO staff and members. These activities have been run regularly for ten years, withContinue reading “Capacity Building”

Emerging Leaders School (ELS)

The KWO Emerging Leaders School (ELS) was started in 2008. The course ran 2 times for 10 months each time, between April 2008 and March 2009 and a similar period in 2009-2010.  The project aims to provide a higher level of education for young women, than the KYWLS curriculum and to prepare the students moreContinue reading “Emerging Leaders School (ELS)”

Karen Young Women’s Leadership School (KYWLS)

Karen Young Women’s Leadership School (KYWLS) Goal: To empower young women to realize their potential leadership ability and move towards women’s participation as equal partners with men in decision-making at a community level. KWO established the KYWLS in 2001. KYWLS targets young women who are interested in working for organizations, especially the KWO, in theirContinue reading “Karen Young Women’s Leadership School (KYWLS)”

Unaccompanied Children and Dormitories project

The ongoing conflict in Burma has restricted the healthy development of the education system and left many children orphaned, or with only one parent. Many families are forced to send their children away from home to find safety and continue their studies uninterrupted. KWO operates dormitories in 5 of the refugee camps and in 2Continue reading “Unaccompanied Children and Dormitories project”

Education Program

The KWO Education Program aims to ensure that all sectors of the community are given equal access to education, and addresses the needs primarily of women and girls, many of whom have not been able to access formal education before.  This provides them with opportunities for development and empowerment, leading to greater participation in theContinue reading “Education Program”

Special Education and Community Awareness

KWO is always seeking  to raise the awareness of parents and the community on issues surrounding disability and children.  We have published a number of booklets covering the causes of disability, possible prevention some of the causes of disability (e.g. adequate nutrition), and how to support a person with disabilities . KWO runs community educationContinue reading “Special Education and Community Awareness”

KWO Adult Literacy Program

KWO initially provided Literacy classes for beginners and Non-formal education classes for the newly literate in 5 refugee camps in Thailand and in Ei Tu Hta IDP camp in Karen State. In recent years, demand for these classes was decreasing. The reasons were not very clear but we received reports from community members that participantsContinue reading “KWO Adult Literacy Program”

Nursery Schools hard at work

Nursery Schools in the Refugee camps Each of the 7 camps has its own nursery school system, managed by a variety of  individuals and organisations. At the camp level KWO is involved in all camp Nursery Schools to some degree. KWO has provided advice and assistance to all of these nursery schools for many years.Continue reading “Nursery Schools hard at work”

Organizing Trips to Refugee camps and Inside Karen State

In order to maintain channels of communication between KWO managers, offices, refugee camps and members inside Karen State, and to facilitate community mobilising we conduct “organizing trips”. In the refugee camps the KWO Executive Committee members, and central office staff travelled and met with KWO members and staff at all camp levels. They monitored KWOContinue reading “Organizing Trips to Refugee camps and Inside Karen State”